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Payment Plan

What is the Payment Plan?

Purchasing a Season Pass at Typhoon Texas just got easier! Our new program allows you to make monthly payments to spread out the cost of your 2019 Season Pass.

How does it work?

When you’re buying online, simply make your selections and then scroll down on the payment page to select “payment plan.” Click on the dropdown and select “2019 Season Pass Payment Plan”

At the time of purchase, the total amount due is calculated and divided into four monthly payments. You are required to make the first of the four payments at the time of purchase. The first payment is the sum total of the monthly payment and the total taxes due for the entire payment. The remaining payments are restricted to the monthly amount due.

The first monthly payment will be charged immediately at the time of purchase. Subsequent payments will be automatically billed to your credit card on the first of the month until payment is complete.


Is it more expensive to buy a Season Pass if I sign up for the Payment Plan?

Not at all! At Typhoon Texas, customer convenience is our goal. We will only charge $0.01 to initialize the first payment. Therefore, your first payment will be the monthly amount plus taxes plus $.01.


Can I pay more and clear the Payment Plan sooner/pay more in the first purchase to reduce monthly payments?

No. The monthly payments are predetermined as explained. We apologize if this causes any inconvenience.


What passes can I purchase using the Payment Plan?

The Payment Plan is valid only for all levels of season passes Base, Plus and Premier are all eligible. Any Day Tickets and Choose Your Day tickets are not eligible.


Can I change the credit card information on file during the payment period?

If you receive a new card, or your existing card expires during the payment period, please make sure you call 832.426.7071 to update your credit card information.


What happens if I fail to make some or all of the monthly payments?

You will receive an email if your payment is declined. You are then required to either transfer funds or provide an alternate payment option. Upon failing to do so, all Season Passes on your Payment Plan will be suspended from entering the park and any partial payments will not be refunded. In addition, the park may pursue legal action to recover any unpaid portion of the Payment Plan.


Can I cancel my Payment Plan before the Payment period is complete?

Once you have set up the plan, you are required to pay in full for each Season Pass included in the agreement. The Payment Plan cannot be canceled or terminated for any reason. NO REFUNDS



By agreeing to register with the Payment Plan, you promise to fulfill monthly payments and authorize Typhoon Texas to charge your credit card on the first of each month until amount is fully paid. You understand that your Season Pass purchase is non-refundable and non-transferable.

You understand that, if you are unable to successfully pay your monthly due, your Season Passes will be immediately suspended, and you may be refused admission to the Park until the remaining balance is paid. If transaction is canceled due to insufficient funds, you are responsible for providing Typhoon Texas or holder access to another credit card account or to pay the full amount due.

If you fail to make payment within 7 days or more, at the sole discretion of Typhoon Texas, you will be charged the cost of collecting the outstanding debt, including reasonable attorneys' fees and court costs.

You acknowledge that regardless of the number of times a Season Pass is used, there are no refunds on amounts paid.


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