Circle-T Bar

Bill's Lemonade

Skye's Sno-Cones

  • The Burger Shack

    Enjoy classic American food, with juicy 1/3 pound burgers, jumbo hot dogs, marinated grilled chicken sandwiches on fresh bread baked locally and delivered all week long, and gourmet parsley fries. Spending a day at a water park with friends and family is quickly becoming a classic American pastime. The wide range of hearty, delicious, all-American eats you’ll find throughout the park goes hand in hand with all that fun. This is like the ultimate picnic, except at this cookout, you don’t have to do any of the work!
    Location: You can’t miss us, we are the big wooden barn food trailer in the center of the park, right past the Lazy River entrance.
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  • Star of Texas Fry Hut

    Follow your nose to the center of the park near the Wave Pool beach. There you will find familiar freshly prepared treats such as jumbo corn dogs and freshly in front of your eyes hand battered and dipped chicken tenders cooked to order. Texas sized platters of hand dipped, cooked to order chicken tenders. We want to make Typhoon Texas your destination spot for fun family events, centered around great quality food and Texas friendly service. Proudly serving both draft beer and bottled beer.
    Location: Just past the Burger Shack and Lazy River entrance near the Tidal Wave Bay.
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  • Ray's Pizzeria

    With a delicious self-raising crispy crust, bubbling mozzarella cheese blend, rich tomato sauce, and your choice of toppings, your taste buds will finally be part of the excitement the rest of your body’s been having all day at the park. Our pizzas feature made from scratch dough, allowed to raise 24 hours before baking. Ray’s also features made to order chicken wings, sausage on a stick, fried mozzarella sticks, fresh salads, fresh fruit plates and fruit cups. Try our new, healthy gluten free pizzas, too! Do not forget to grab a Texas classic of Blue Bell hand-dipped ice cream cone or sundae. Rays Pizzeria proudly offers 10 different draft beers including many Austin area craft beers and bottled beer.
    Location: Near the front gate / main building entrance.
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  • Taco Shack

    Hungry after lunch but not quite ready for dinner? How about a hot order of Nachos to put some zip in your step and keep the hunger pangs away? Make them Texas Nachos and have them loaded with your choice of Fajita meat and all the taco toppings you could ask for! Throw in a flavorful street taco and now you’re really ready to get back in the saddle…or rather the slide! Our beef and chicken fajita meat are made fresh daily, marinated with a hint of spice making your tacos full of flavor. The Taco Shack also offers funnel cakes, hand-dipped Blue Bell Ice Cream cones and sundaes, root beer floats, and Back Yard lemonade.
    Location: Next to the Circle T Bar and the Tidal Wave Bay.
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  • Icee Mix-it-up

    Don’t forget to grab an ice cold ICEE to wash down your lunch or dinner. With your choice of 12 flavors, the combinations are endless!
    Location: Next door to Mini Melts in the main food court.
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  • Mini Melts

    Mini Melts make delicious gourmet frozen desserts. They use only the purest flavors and colors to create the richest ice cream available. We offer 6 different flavors to enjoy. Go ahead, try them all!
    Location: Our first location is by the Tidal Wave beach, right across from the Star of Texas Fry Hut.
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